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At an off-center point of a lenticular galaxy, the purple gas giant Tartarus spins slowly around a dying star, cradling five moons in its gravitational embrace. A thousand civilizations have thrived and perished in the Goliath's porphyry shadow, worshipping a multitude of gods and debauching themselves in the ruins of their ancestors. Outside the walls of their cities savagery abounds, and great treasures lie buried beneath the wreckage of time. Do you and your Band have what it takes to wrest these riches from the wastelands, or will you join the multitudes that lie beneath the rotting stones?

These old school game rules contain everything you need to run your dark fantasy campaigns on the moons of Tartarus.

Fully illustrated, 403 pages, and completely free!


  • Character creation rules for four Tropes and four Species.
  • Full weapon, equipment, and treasure lists.
  • Fully built systems for Arcana (Leechcraft, Liturgies, Witchcraft, and Wizardry) and the Vulgate (Charms, Medicine, Sacraments, and Whispers).
  • Options during Downtime, including Research, Cunning, and Wonders.
  • A full compendium of monsters, with methods to easily convert horrors from your favorite modules on the fly.

The Totality of Ygg is an OSR fantasy heartbreaker written by Stefan Antonowicz and based off of work by Arnold Kemp, Skerples, Logan Knight, and Patrick Stuart.  These rules are free, and published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


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The Totality of Ygg.pdf

Install instructions

Nothing special.  The download is a PDF and is about 21MB big.

You can grab character sheets, a bestiary, and some more info about the world at https://totalityofygg.com

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OMG it's full of stars. What a game! Any chance at a play by post anywhere?


I still need to read it, and don't really have any time at the moment, but ask me again in the summer and I'll see if I can blow the dust off of my RPOL.net account.

I too would be down for PbP in this